Its been a 7 days since we started our Kickstarter campaign and we are 71% there! (so close!) We want to thank everyone who have made pledges so far, We really appreciate you!

We still need 29% to reach our goal or we get nothing. We want to make this cookbook and products happen for all you wonderful people & the world to see – so we need your pledges to help us get there.

Without you (kickstarter backers), producing our cookbook would be even more challenging. Your pledges will give us the freedom of getting the cookbook and products to you more quickly!

We only have a limited time to raise the funds needed to publish our Cookbook & products. You’ve helped us get to where we are now, please help us go further and ?Be a part of our Story?
Thank you, Craig & Shaun (Original Flava)

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✅ ONLY 20+ days to meet our goal or receive nothing.
✅ EXCITING REWARDS for every pledge.
✅ 5% of proceeds will help feed less fortunate children in.
✅  The money doesn’t come out of your account straight away, only after our campaign ends (4 May) and if we reach our target.


Our passion to cook was inspired by our Jamaican Grandmother & Mother’s meals growing up. After seeing the happiness it brought our friends, we set up a Facebook page to help them how to cook it, through short video guides shot in our grandmothers house…

One year later, the page now helps thousands of people all over the world cook delicious Caribbean food! Check out the page

Our mission is to make Caribbean cooking easy and get your tastebuds saying “YA MON!”

What’s in the book?

This book includes over 70 authentic & modern Caribbean food made easy. From Jerk Chicken to Oxtail, Fruity Rum punch to Crusty Jamaican Patties. This book showcases the many wonderful dishes from around the Caribbean Islands. Easy recipes that give you step by step guides into the art of Caribbean cooking

Also including:

  • Breakfast, lunch and Dinner meals, baking, snacks & sweet treats
  • Healthier cooking options
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • BBQ Carnival recipes
  • Tricks and tips in the kitchen
  • Funny Caribbean nostalgic moments/memories
  • Craig & Shaun stories about their life and family + much more!

Book ideal for:

  • People who love authentic Caribbean food
  • Family meals
  • Quick mid week evening meal
  • Romantic meals
  • Friends or a big family get together
  • BBQ recipes
  • Caribbean Catering/food business
    This book has something for everybody


  • Hardback 8×10 inch book (20cm x 25cm)
  • over 70 recipes

We’ve been using our own seasoning/sauce recipes for a long time and many people have loved the taste it gives our food, we want to package it up and let others have it in their homes – We’re so excited to share it with you!

  • All purpose seasoning
    This is versatile seasoning mix can go on everything, from chicken to rice/noodles dishes and is sure to add Da’ Flava to your food!
  • Curry powder seasoning
    To help you make that perfect curry chicken/goat!
  • Jerk BBQ sauce
    To get the succulent glaze on your summer bbq grills
  • Jerk Marinade paste
    This is ALL the ingredients you need for the Ultimate Jerk Chicken dish! – all in one jar!

Why Kickstarter

Getting a publisher can take up to 1 year of negotiations to even get considered. Which seems way too long! You also do not own the rights of the book.

We believe you can do anything in life, though the odds may be stacked against us, we believe with your help we can self publish ourselves and see the dream of our book being in all the major bookstores in the UK and worldwide. And we’re working hard to make that happen!

We’re passionate about The Caribbean and want to make sure it’s authentic food doesn’t get lost in today’s and future generations.

Where will pledges be going?

  • Printing of hardbook to a professional quality standard
  • Design & Photography costs
  • Ingredient & product packaging costs

We want to continue helping others by donating 5% of pledges to send food over to Jamaica through Loving Hands Children’s Network scheme ‘Feeding our Future- Jamaica’ breakfast campaign at St Richards Primary school and The Early Childhood Education Centre, both based in Kingston, Jamaica.

Watch the great work they are doing in Jamaica below: