This is a Delicious spicy tomato Vienna sausage pasta the whole family will enjoy, Easy tasty and accessible. Cost next to nothing too! We used Vienna sausages, but you can use any you like.


2 tins Grace Vienna chicken sausages

Dunn’s river all-purpose seasoning

1 tbsp. Grace hot pepper sauce

 1tbDunn’s river black pepper sauce

Dunn’s river herbs/thyme

Grace coconut oil

500g pasta cooked

400g Tinned tomatoes

1 tbsp curry powder

 4 garlic cloves

1 onion diced

¼ red green yellow bell peppers chopped

100g parsley chopped


Cook pasta in boiling water, until cooked then drain water and cover.

 you’ll need a large frying pan on a medium heat, then add some coconut oil.

Sliced the Vienna sausages and cook until brown for a few minutes then remove to the side.

Use same juices in the frying pan, then add onions garlic and caramel for up to 5 minutes. Add bell peppers and cook down until soft. Then add cooked sausages.

Add chopped tomatoes, black pepper, all purpose, herbs and hot pepper sauce then mix and cook down, then add cooked pasta, and curry powder. Stir together on a low-medium heat. Finally add chopped parsley for garnish.