An authentic dish straight from Jamaica. Growing up we used to have this as a starter at family parties, we used to love it! We didn’t know the entirety of what was put in it but knew it tasted nice! It was only until we went to Jamaica and our aunties told us the entirety of goat parts including, the head, and genetals!

Alternatively you can use more familar goat meat. Let us know if you love it the authentic way or more modern

1 litre water
250g Goat parts or mutton
2 spring onions
Fresh thyme bunch
1 tsp. Salt
1tsp. Black pepper
5 pimento seeds
4 garlic cloves
150g yellow yam diced
150g sweet potatoes diced
150g Irish potatoes diced
8 fingers Okra
150g Cho cho
1 sachet Manish water soup mix
Scotch bonnet pepper

Use a large pot and add some water with goat parts in. Season with spring onions, fresh thyme, salt, pepper, pimentos seeds, ginger and garlic then cook for 1.5 hours until goat parts are tender.

Add in your diced yam, sweet potato, Irish potato,cho cho and okra and cook to until tender. Add more water if necessary then add Manish water soup mix and 1 scotch bonnet pepper and simmer until soup is cooked.