This has to be one of our most innovative and personal loveable recipes we’ve done. We adore Hardough bread and garlic bread flavour. So combining the two made perfect sense. You won’t regret doing this

  • 250g soft butter
  • 10 garlic cloves diced
  • 150g parsley diced
  • Olive oil
  • Likkle sea salt
  • Hard dough bread (Unsliced)

In a mixing bowl add butter, garlic cloves, and parsley with a likkle sea salt and mix di ting! Then use a large hardough bread and cut into thick slices 5 cm from the base of bread (do not fully slice the bread) Then spread the garlic paste onto the bread making sure you get into the gaps and fully spread the bread with garlic paste. Also cover the top of the bread with paste too. Cover the bread with foil, then add to a pre-heated oven on 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Let the hardough bread sit for 10 minutes to rest then BOOM! The ting done!