Spice up the festive and new year with this delicious Rum spiced stuffing! Great as a side dish with a lot of FLAVA! Give it a try everyone will love it!

500g Pork mince

2 shots of Rum (White or dark) optional

1 tbsp. Butter

1 tbsp. olive oil

100g Fresh Sage

1 medium onion (diced)

½ cup Spring onions (diced)

½ scotch bonnet pepper (sliced) optional

2 cups Breadcrumbs or Sage and onion Breadcrumb mix

50g Chestnuts

100g Dried Apricots

100g Dried Mango

Black pepper

All- purpose seasoning

2tsp. Paprika

1 tsp. Nutmeg

1tsp. Cinnamon

100g cranberries



Firstly add 1 tbsp. of olive oil and 1 tbsp. of butter and cook for 2 min until dissolved.

Then add fresh finely chopped sage, diced onion, spring onions, Black pepper, all-purpose seasoning, paprika, garlic, mix and cook for 5 min and set aside.

In a separate bowl add 500g of pork mince and add 2 cups of breadcrumbs, chestnuts, and cranberries dried apricots and mangos, paprika black pepper and salt.

Then add the Sage and onion mix to the pork mince and mix together making sure you incorporate all the ingredients together.

Then spread out mixture into a baking tray and Add reminding dried fruit on top and then put into a pre heated oven for 45 mins- 1hour until golden brown.

Let it cool down for up to 30 minutes then serve.