1.  Always make sure you wash meat with water/lemon/vinegar and pick off any hairs. 
  2. Slit meat and poke holes in it so seasoning can in bed inside meat to create maximum taste.
  3.   Massage seasoning into chicken WELL cover and put in the bottom of fridge overnight

    One of the most important factors is to use different flavoured seasonings such as All purpose, Jerk, Pepper, Salt,Thyme etc depending on the food which you are making. Food that is properly seasoned  shouldn’t taste salty but will have a brighter more vibrant flavor of the ingredients that are in the dish. Food that is seasoned on the day of your meal without giving it time to marinate (for upto 8hrs) doesn’t have a chance for all the  juices to inbed within the chicken to create a satisfying taste

    Another thing my Mother and Grandmother taught me was to poke the chicken, stab it, make sure its dead. Well we already know its dead, but what she really meant was make holes in the meat, slit the meat with your knife so that the seasoning would be able to get inside the chicken

  4. Learning to season food is a process of educating yourself in the Art of ‘Taste  and developing a “flavor memory”. My Grandmother always taught me if you dont season your meat properly  you may as not well be eating. Well i wouldnt go that far but I knew what she meant. I learnt that Seasoning meat the night before or for upto 8 hours was essential in getting the maximum taste in your food